An earthquake measures 3 on Richter Scale:

(a) Would it be recorded by a seismograph?

(b) Is it likely to cause much damage?

(a) Earthquake is the phenomenon in which the earth shakes suddenly for a very short time. It is caused by a disturbance deep inside the earth’s crust. Seismograph is the instrument which is used to measure and record an earthquake. The tremors produce waves on the surface of the earth. These are called seismic waves. These waves are recorded by the seismograph. Yes, An earthquake measuring 3 on Richter scale will be recorded by a seismograph.

(b) Earthquake is the destructive natural phenomenon which cannot be predicted in advance. The earthquakes can cause floods, landslides and tsunamis. Most earthquakes are caused by the movement of earth’s plates. The magnitude (or intensity) of an earthquake is expressed in terms of Richter scale. The destructive earthquakes have magnitudes higher than 7 on the Richter scale. No, an earthquake which measures 3 on Richter scale is unlikely to cause much damage.