Explain the language and content of Mahabharata in short.

The language and content of Mahabharata are explained below:

a. Mahabharat is written in the Sanskrit language.

b. There are different versions of the same in other languages as well. These are written through the ongoing process of dialogue between people and communities.

c. The Sanskrit used in Mahabharata is very simple as compared to the other Vedas.

d. The content of Mahabharata is divided into two sections of narrative and didactic.

e. The narrative section contains stories.

f. The didactic section contains prescriptions about social norms.

g. However, this division is not very rigid. The didactic section includes stories and the narrative section contains a social message.

h. Many historians agree that Mahabharata was meant to be a dramatic story and the didactic section was added later.

i. The historians are in doubt regarding whether or not the War really took place, which is described in it.

j. Some historians think that the memory of an actual conflict was preserved in the narrative while others point out that there is no authentic evidence of the war.