Explain why patriliny may have been particularly important among elite families.

Patriliny may have been particularly important among elite families due to the following reasons:

a. Patriliny means tracing Descent from Father to Son, grandson and so on.

b. This concept was widely explained in Mahabharata but it also existed prior to age.

c. Mahabharata reinforced the idea that it was valuable.

d. Under this system, the sons could claim the resources of their fathers when the king died, including the Throne.

e. Most of the ruling dynasty from the 6th century BCE onwards followed this system, however, there were some variations.

f. Sometimes brothers succeeded one another. Sometimes there were no sons.

g. Sometimes that kinsman claimed the throne and in exceptional cases, women claimed the throne.

h. The concept of patriliny was not only limited to the ruling families.

i. It also extended to the attitude of wealthy men and those who belong to the high status including brahmins.