Discuss whether kings in early states were invariably Kshatriyas.

a. According to the Shastra, only the Kshatriya could be the king.

b. Many important ruling lineages have different origins.

c. The social background of the kings of the Maurya who had a large Empire has been debated.

d. According to the Brahmanical text, they were of low origin but according to the Buddhist text, they were a Kshatriya.

e. The successors of the Mauryan kings, the Shungas and Kanvas were Brahmins.

f. The political power was dependent upon the support and resources and not on birth as a Kshatriya.

g. The rulers of Central Asia called Shakas were to be considered as barbarians or outsiders by the brahmins.

h. The best-known ruler of Satavahana dynasty Gautami Putra Satkarni claimed to be both a unique Brahman and a Destroyer of the right of the Kshatriya.

i. They ensured that there was no intermarriage among the members of the castes.

j. Although he himself entered into marriage with the king of Rudra Daman.

k. The integration among the members of different castes was a very complicated process.

l. The Satavahanas kings claimed to be Brahmins but according to the Brahmins the kings where Kshatriya.

m. To uphold the four varnas by themselves entered into a marriage alliance with the people that were excluded from the system.

n. They practiced endogamy instead of exogamy which was recommended in the Brahmanical text.