The Mahanavami dibba in the royal centre of Vijayanagara has been assigned name on the basis of its form of building as well as functions. Elaborate.

The Mahanavami dibba was located on one of the highest points in the city of Vijayanagar. It was a massive platform that rose from a base of about 11000 sq ft to a height of 40ft. the platform was supported by wooden structures and had various relief carvings.

Rituals associated with the structure probably occurred on ‘Mahanavami’ which is also the ninth-day of the Hindu festival of Dushhera. During this 10 sday long festival, the rulers of Vijayanagar would display their power, prestige and superiority. Rituals during this period included worship of an image, worship of the state house and sacrifice of buffaloes. The platform also witnessed various performances by dancers, wrestlers and ritual presentations made to the King and his guests by the chief Nayakas and subordinate kings.

Hence, the ‘Mahanavami Dibba’ was appropriately named not only because of its massive structure but also because of the functions performed on it during the occasion of Navami.