Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Book: Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Chapter: 9. Kings and Chronicles

Subject: History - Class 12th

Q. No. 8 of Long Answer (4 Marks)

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Describe the relationship between Mughals and the Ottomans.

Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful neighbouring empires of the Mughals. The relation between them was marked by the concern to ensure free movement of merchants and pilgrims in the territories under the Ottoman Empire.

Important pilgrim centres of Mecca and Medina were located in ottoman Arabia. Mughal emperor's relation with the Ottoman sultans was based both on religion and commerce as the emperor usually combined both by exporting valuable commodities and merchandise to red seaports of Aden and Mokha.

The profits and proceeds of the sale of goods were distributed as a charity to shrines and religious men under ottoman Empire.


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