Describe how ‘Humayun Nama’ gives us glimpses of the Mughal household.

Humayun Nama, is a book about Mughals and their household, it gives us glimpses of how the domestic world of Mughal society functioned, it was written by Gulbadan Begum. She was the sister of Humayun and was able to write fluently in Turkish and Persian. Humayun Nama gives important information about Mughal household in following ways –

• Humayun Nama was not just a eulogy of Mughal emperors, as Gulbadan begum in her book describes vividly and in detail the various conflicts and issues among different princes and kings.

• The book also discusses the important role played by the elderly and important women of Mughal household in resolving various conflicts between different factions in the empire.

• Book also contains memoirs of Gulbadan begum of earlier times under Babur, which was considered a very important information about the early phases of Mughal empire.