Critically examine Deccan Riots Commissioner Report.

The Deccan riots Commission Report was a Report about the Deccan riots of 1870s presented to the British parliament. During the 1860s and 70s, ryots were deep in debt to moneylenders and were in miserable condition due to a number of reasons. Moneylenders refused to extend the loans given to the ryots and made them even more enraged. The riots that broke out due to these reasons were widespread and a commission was made to investigate the causes of riots.

The commission held enquiries, recorded statements and compiled statistical data on revenue rates and interests. But after many of these steps the commission came to the conclusion that British policies were not the reason behind riots. The report blamed moneylenders for enraging the ryots. These were official records and shows that British were often reluctant to acknowledge that British policies were the reason for discontent.