Explain the main aspects of the fifth report which was submitted to the British Parliament in 1813.

The fifth report was fifth of a series of reports that were presented in British parliament on the administration and policies of East India company in India. Main aspects of this report were -

• It was over 1000 pages of which 800 were petitions from ryots or zamindars, reports on collection from different districts, statistical data on revenue and returns, and notes on the judicial administration of Bengal and Madras.

• The activities of company in India were widely debated in Britain, and due to many factions being critical of East India company, the parliament ordered to produce regular reports about the policies and administration of east India company.

• The commission that made fifth report was determined to criticize the mal-administration of the company, and therefore sometimes exaggerated some aspects like collapse of traditional zamindari power.

• The report overestimated the rate at which zamindars were losing their land.