Why was the revolt particularly widespread in Awadh? What prompted the peasants, taluqdars and zamindars to join the revolt?

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was dethroned from Awadh and sent to Calcutta as a part of his exile, on the ground of bad governance in Awadh.

All the people of the region suffered from grief, anger and desperation as if their life was taken out from their body after their beloved Nawab was taken away from them. There were also material losses beside this emotional effect. After the Nawab was sent to exile, the court system was completely demolished. Due to this, the regular workers of the court like the cooks, musicians, artisans and many others lost their livelihood.

After this annexation, the taluqdars of the region were dispossessed. Their weapons and forts were taken away.

The Summary Settlement of 1856 said that the taluqdars were the illegal occupants of land and after this all the land held by the taluqdars were taken away and thus the number of taluqdars drastically came down.

The peasants also became oppressed in the region because of being paid by the British, ill treatment made to them, difficulty in getting leaves from their employers etc. All these happened after the annexation took place in Awadh.