Rumours and prophecies played a part in moving the people into action during the 1857 revolt.

There were several rumors which floated in the society regarding the religious beliefs of the religious beliefs of the people which helped in shaping the events of 1857. They are mentioned as follows:

One rumour said that the British had mixed the bone dust of cows and pigs in the flour which was sold in the market. This created a huge oppression among the people because the Hindus considered eating of cows’ meat as a sin and the Muslims considered eating pigs as a sin.

As a result of this the sepoys and the common men refused to even touch the wheat flour that was sold in the open market.

There was also a rumour that the British would forcibly make the Indians to convert their religion into Christianity.

A rumour also said that the bullets given to the sepoys were intentionally coated with the fats of cows and pigs by the British with an intention of corrupting the Indians’ caste and religion.

Thus, all these rumors created a huge oppression among the people which ultimately widened the path for the mutiny.