Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Book: Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Chapter: 11. Rebels and The Raj

Subject: History - Class 12th

Q. No. 9 of Long Answer (6 Marks)

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‘The relationship of sepoys with the superior white officers underwent a change in the years preceding the uprising of 1857’. Support the statement.

Before the uprising of 1857, the white officers maintained a good relation with the Indian sepoys. This is described as follows:

The officers tried to speak in Hindustani language to show that they were very much inclined to the Indian culture.

The officers engaged themselves in the leisure time activities of the sepoys.

But this friendly relationship changed later.

The white officers started considering themselves as superior and the Indian sepoys inferior to them.

Due to this concept of superiority, the white officers started abusing the sepoys as well as engaged in physical violence against them.

The gap between the officers and sepoys widened.

Thus, by the influence of all these factors the mutiny cropped up in 1857.


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