Describe the characteristics of the public buildings built in the new classical style with special reference to ‘Town Hall’ of Bombay.

After the mid 19th century, many new buildings were constructed by the British in the cities of Calcutta and Bombay, which mainly reflected the European architecture style. Some of the characteristics of the ‘Town Hall’ of Bombay are mentioned here:

1. The building was constructed on a large tract of land.

2. This ensured that the British people are kept at a safe distance from the Indians and also their privacy was maintained.

3. The hall was constructed with reference to the neo-classical architectural style prevalent in England.

4. Geometrical structures were seen in this form of architecture.

5. This building was constructed in resemblance to the buildings of ancient Rome.

Thus the ‘Town Hall’ of Bombay was also a symbol of power and status of the British emoire in India.