Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Book: Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Chapter: 14. Understanding Partition

Subject: History - Class 12th

Q. No. 5 of Short Answer (3 Marks)

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How did the Congress come to change its views on Partition?

Initially, the INC or Indian National Congress did not favour the partition. But in March 1947, the Congress high command agreed to divide Punjab into two components with one part comprising of the Muslim majority regions while the other regions comprising of the regions having Hindu-Sikh majority. To most Sikh as well as Congress leaders, Punjab’s partition was a necessary evil. The Sikh feared of being overpowered by the Muslims if they denied partition of Punjab. Furthermore, they believed they would have to be under the control of the Muslims. Same situation existed in Bengal where the Hindus were in minority. The Bhadralok Bengali Hindus of Bengal wished to retain political power with them. In addition, they were also apprehensive of the Muslims due to which they favoured the partition. They thought that the partition would assist them to retain dominance politically. These reasons forced the Congress to transform their perspective on Partition.


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