Why is Partition viewed as an extremely significant marker in South Asian history?

Partition is perceived as a very important marker in South Asian history because of the following reasons:

(A) The partition of India had a distinct nature which was majorly based on religions. It took place in the name of communities which had never been witness in history.

(B) The partition of India marked a grievous violence whereby innumerable persons were killed as people initiated to kill one another irrespective of their earlier relations. In earlier times, they resided with one another in peace and harmony but now initiated to kill each other which the government machinery failed to check.

(C) People faced a lot of issues and their life became miserable as their near and dear ones were abducted and killed.

(D) People moved across the borders in such a way that most Muslims belonging to India crossed over to Pakistan while almost all Sikhs and Hindus came to India from Pakistan. They were compelled to start their life in a fresh way.

(E) People lost all their immovable and movable property suddenly due to which they became homeless and were compelled to live in refugee camps.