Analyse the impact of partition of India on Punjab and Bengal.

The impact of India’s partition on Punjab was terrible:

(A) There existed carnage on both sides across the border. Almost complete displacement of Sikhs as well as Hindus occurred from West Punjab towards the East into India and similarly, Punjabi Muslims were also displaced from Indian Punjab towards the West into Pakistan.

(B) There occurred a massacre in Amritsar killing thousands of innocent persons in Punjab while hundreds of women were abducted and raped. Immovable properties were captures and other properties were looted.

(C) Many females killed themselves for the purpose of protecting themselves from being dishonoured by the violent mob/ this complete displacement of Sikh, Hindu and Punjabi-speaking Muslims occurred in a comparatively short period between the years 1946 and 1948.

Bengal’s circumstances were more or less similar but the procedure of migration tended to be more protracted:

(A) There existed no complete displacement of population within Bengal since many Muslims stayed in West Bengal and many Hindus in East Bengal. But in Bengal, persons were also murdered in huge numbers while the women were abducted and raped.

(B) Finally, Bengali Muslims belonging to East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan while creating their own independent nation called Bangladesh in 1971-1972.