How did the Constituent Assembly seek to resolve the language controversy?

India being a multi-religious country is also a multi linguistics country. At first Hindustani-a blend of Hindi and Urdu language was understood and used by all the people from various regions. With the deepening of communal conflict, Hindi and Urdu started growing apart. Language became associated with the politics of religious identities. In one of the sessions of the Constituent Assembly, R. V. Dhulekar, a congressman pleaded that Hindi language to be used as the language of constituent assembly. The Language Committee thought of a formula to resolve the deadlock. It decided but not declared that Hindi in Devanagari script can be used as the official language, but it will be gradually transformed to Hindi language. English was used as an official language and each province was allowed to choose one of the regional languages for official purpose within the province. By making Hindi as the official language rather than the national language the Language Committee thought that this solution would be accepted by all.