Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Book: Themes In Indian History - Important Questions

Chapter: 15. Framing The Constitution

Subject: History - Class 12th

Q. No. 9 of Long Answer (6 Marks)

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Discuss the different arguments made in favour of the protection of the oppressed groups.

N. G. Ranga, a socialist pointed to the idea of creating a condition where the constitutional rights would be effectively enjoyed. In tribal areas the merchants turn these tribal people into hereditary bonded salves. They have been treated disgraceful and neglected for many years. Jaipal Singh, a gifted orator,a representative from the tribal area spoke about the protection for the tribal people. He argued that tribals were not sure numerical minority. They were deprived of their own forest and pasture lands. Their land, houses are taken away from them. And they were forced to leave their own houses and move on search of a new home. Society perceived them to be backward and turned away from them. Jaipal Singh pleaded for breaking the emotional and physical distance that separated the tribals. He felt that reservation of seats in the legislature would give them a scope to be able to represent themselves and be heard.


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