RD Sharma - Mathematics

Book: RD Sharma - Mathematics

Chapter: 20. Mensuration-I (Area of a Trapezium and a Polygon)

Subject: Maths - Class 8th

Q. No. 11 of Exercise 20.1

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Find the area of a rhombus whose side is 6 cm and whose altitude is 4 cm. If one of its diagonals is 8 cm long, find the length of the other diagonal.

Side of rhombus = 6 cm

Altitude of rhombus = 4 cm

Since rhombus is a parallelogram, thereore area of parallelogram = base× altitude

Area of parallelogram = 6 × 4 = 24 cm2

Area of parallelogram = area of rhombus

Area of rhombus =

24 =

d₂ =

Hence, length of other diagonal of rhombus is 6 cm

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