Contemporary India-II

Book: Contemporary India-II

Chapter: 3. Water Resources

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 1 of Exercises

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Based on the information given below classify each of the situations as 'suffering from water scarcity' or 'not suffering from water scarcity'.

(a) Region with high annual rainfall.

(b) Region having high annual rainfall and large population.

(c) Region having high annual rainfall but water is highly polluted.

(d) Region having low rainfall and low population.

(a) Not suffering from water scarcity. This is because the freshwater and groundwater are replenished with the annual rainfall.

(b) Not suffering from water scarcity. If the annual rainfall is high, then there is no scarcity of water. Both the freshwater and the ground water levels are replenished.

(c) Suffering from water scarcity. If there is high rainfall and the water is polluted, then there will be scarcity as the water is unfit for domestic, industrial or agricultural use.

(d) Not suffering from water scarcity. In this case the rainfall is low, but the population is also low. In such cases the demand of water by the population is met. As the usage is not too much, water scarcity will not prevail.


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