Answer the following questions in about 120 words.

Describe the impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture

The term Globalisation is not a new term associated with Indian agriculture. It was practiced at the time of colonisation. In the 19th century, European traders came to India and exported Indian spies to different parts of the world. Even today these are being exported in good quantity.

Despite India being a chief producer of rice, cotton, rubber, tea, coffee, jute and spices our agricultural products are not in a state to compete with the developed countries because of the high subsidised agriculture in those countries. A few economists think that there is a dark future for Indian farmers if the same cropping pattern is followed. Indian farmers need to diversify their cropping pattern from cereals to high value crops. This will not only increase the income but also reduce environmental degradation at the same time. India's climate can be harnessed to grow a wide range of high value crops.