Group discussion on the necessity of literacy among farmers

In a country like India, educating and training farmers is very essential. The farmers of India need proper guidance about the quality of their land and the decision about the growth of crops. A proper guidance is needed for the farmers about using fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. Still, today, most of the farmers use the old method of agriculture. It not only takes more time, but also more effort. This is the main reason for the farmers are still so poor. It is very important to provide these farmers to provide them with the modern technologies to cultivate the land.

If they are educated, they will get to know about many important things which otherwise they were unaware of, like the following: -

1. How to run the equipment and machines to improve agricultural.

2. Right kind of fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, climate, etc. required for the growth of particular type of crop.

3. The condition of the soil, or if it requires ore nutrients and in what quantity.

4. They also will know about how to deal with bankers and loans and grants and subsidies if there is any.