Fill the name of the; correct mineral in the crossword below:


1. A ferrous mineral (9)

2. Raw material for cement industry (9)

3. Finest iron ore with magnetic properties (9)

4. Highest quality hard coal (10)

5. Aluminium is obtained from this ore (7)

6. Khetri mines are famous for this mineral (6)

7. Formed due to evaporation (6)


1. Found in placer deposit (4)

2. Iron ore mined in Bailadila (8)

3. Indispensable for electrical industry (4)

4. Geological Age of coal found in north east India (8)

5. Formed in veins and lodes (3)


1. MANGANESE (Manganese is mainly used for manufacture of steel. It is also used in paints, bleaching powder etc)

2. LIMESTONE (Limestone is a sedimentary rocks. It is used as a building material and also in manufacture of Iron)

3. MAGNETITE (Magnetite is the most magnetic mineral out of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth. Magnetite is one of the main iron ores.)

4. ANTHRACITE (Anthracite is a variety of coal which is hard and compact. It has highest carbon content.)

5. BAUXITE (Bauxite is formed through decomposition of solid rocks whereby soluble constituents evaporate and a weathered material remains which contain ores)

6. COPPER (Copper is soft and malleable. It has high thermal energy. It is used as a conductor of heat and electricity)

7. GYPSUM (Gypsum is main ingredient of plaster of paris, blackboard chalk etc. It is a soft mineral)


1. ROCK (Many minerals are found in the form of large rocks. Some rocks have only one mineral while many others have numerous minerals together)

2. HEMATITE (Hematite is a form of iron but it has limited economic use. It is not as popular as iron ore but has some specialised uses)

3. COAL (Coal occurs in layers called Coal Beds. It is a metamorphic rock)

4. TERTIARY (Tertiary is one of the two geological rock series in which coal is found)

5. TIN (Tin is largely used for its anti-corrosion property. It is also used in food packaging because of its low toxicity)