Contemporary India-II

Book: Contemporary India-II

Chapter: 6. Manufacturing Industries

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 1 of Activity

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Give one word for each of the following with regard to industry. The number of letters in each word are hinted in brackets.

(i) Used to drive machinery

(5) P …….

(ii) People who work in a factory

(6) W …..

(iii) Where the product is sold

(6) M ……

(iv) A person who sells goods

(8) R …..

(v) Thing produced

(7) P…..

(vi) To make or produce

(11) M …..

(vii) Land, water and air degraded

(9) P …..

(i) POWER is the basic requirement to run machines in any industrial set up.

(ii) WORKER or the labours constitute for the man power required to handle machinery.

(iii) MARKET are the areas where products are sold by the manufacturers to the wholesalers or via retailers to the consumers.

(iv) RETAILER sells goods to the consumers.

(v) PRODUCT are produced as the final moiety in the manufacturing procedure.

(vi) MANUFACTURE is the process to make goods.

(vii) POLLUTION degrades the land, air, waters and soil resources.


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