Answer the following questions in about 120 words.

Why are the means of transportation and communication called the lifelines of a nation and its economy?

A country’s progress completely relies on the transportation and communication. Goods which are produced in one part of the nation needs to be transported from one part of the country to the other. Therefore transport plays an important role in the progress of country’s economy. Transportation is the pre requisite for delivering the raw materials to the site of production, and for the delivery to finished goods to the consumer. Hence, for the production as well as distribution good transportation system is necessary.

Trade in India is working efficiently because of it’s appreciable connectivity. India is well-linked with the rest of the world via railways, airways, waterways, newspapers, radio, television, cinema and internet, etc. They have been contributing to its socio economic progress in many ways. International and local trade both have contributed to the development of the country. Hence, we can say that means of transportation and communication are the lifelines of a nation and its economy.