Contemporary India-II

Book: Contemporary India-II

Chapter: 7. Lifelines of National Economy

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 1 of Activity

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1. SRINAGAR is the Nothern terminal for the North- South corridor and Kanyakumari is the Southern terminal.

2. SHER SHAH SURI MARG is known as the NH- 1. It runs from Delhi to Amritsar.

3. CHENNAI is the headquarter of the southern railway zone

4. BROAD GAUGE is the rail gauge with a track width of 1.676 m.

5. KANYAKUMARI is the sothern terminal of the North- South corridor i.e. NH- 1

6. KOLKATA is an example of a riverine port

7. MUGHALSARAI is the busiest railway junction in Northern India.


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