Answer the following questions in about 120 words.

Explain land use pattern in India and why has the land under forest not increased much since 1960-61?

India has a total geographical area of 32.87 lakh sq. km. As per the land use data, only 93% is available to us. Of this 93%, 43.4% is sown area, 22.6% is forest cover,4.4% is culturable waste, 7.3% is current fallow, 4% is pasture cover and 1% is tree cover.

The net sown area pattern varies greatly from one state to another. The forest cover in the country is lower than the ideal 33% as outlined in the National Forest Policy formulated in the year 1952. The percentage of forests is needed to increase in order to maintain the ecological balance.

The forest cover did not increase since 1960-61 due to the following reasons: -

1. Improper use of land has caused degradation and loss of forests.

2. Ever increasing deforestation to meet the needs of the increasing population.

3. Large scale development projects, industrialization and urbanization have reduced the forest cover.