What is meant by the idea of Satyagraha?

Satyagraha is derived from a sanskrit word 'satya' and 'agraha' which means the path followed by truth. Gandhi ji believed that if the cause was truth and the fight is against injustice then there is no need of any physical force, and Satyagrahi can win the fight with the help of truth and non-violence.

So, the idea of Satyagraha was based on truth and peace. He started the movements in January 1915, to spread the idea of Satyagraha like civil disobedience and non cooperation. He helped peasants, farmers and plantation workers to retain their liberty to reduce taxes to get freedom.

S, the idea was comprised of:

(i) Following the path of truth and non-violence to attain freedom and fight against injustice.

(ii) Philosophy of non-violent resistance adopted to end the British Raj in India.

(iii) The idea emphasized the power of truth and need to search for truth.

(iv) It advocated that for true cause and struggle against injustice, physical force is not required to fight with the oppressor.

(v) Without being aggressive, people can win battle through non-violence.

(vi) People-including the oppressors-had to be persuaded to see the truth, instead of being forced to accept truth through the use of violence.

(vii) By this struggle, truth was bound to ultimately triumph.