Compare the images of Bharat Mata in this with the images of Germania in Chapter 1.

Bharat Mata


The image of Bharat Mata was the symbol of Indian nation.

The image of Germania was the symbol of German nation.

The image of Bharat Mata was painted by Abindra Nath Tagore in year 1905.

The image of Germania was painted by Philip Veit in 1848.

Portrayed as an ascetic figure. She is calm, composed, divine and spiritual.

Germania is shown as a brave and courageous lady who is protecting her nation.

A motherly figure dispensing learning food and clothing. The garland in one hand emphasis her Asiatic quality.

Germania is shown carrying sword in one hand and a flag in another hand.

Another image of Bharat Mata is shown with a trishul standing beside a lion and an elephant-both symbols of power and authority.

Germania was shown standing against a background where beams of sunlight shine through the national flag. Germania is wearing a crown of oak leaves, as the German oak stands for heroism

Both images inspired nationalists who worked very hard to unify their respective countries and to attain a liberal nation. The image of Bharat Mata is different from that of Germania in the sense that former reflects the religious basis of its making.