India and the Contemporary World-II

Book: India and the Contemporary World-II

Chapter: 4. The Making of a Global World

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 3 of Write in Brief

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Write a note to explain the effects of the following:

The death of men of working-age in Europe because of the World War.

The death of men of working-age in Europe because of the World War.

The First World War was the first modern industrial war. It saw the use of machine guns, tanks, aircraft, chemical weapons etc. Millions of soldiers had to be recruited from around the world and moved to the frontlines on large ships and trains. The scale of death and destruction was beyond imagination.

Most of the killed and maimed were men of working age. These deaths and injuries reduced the able-bodied workforce in Europe. With fewer members within the family, household incomes declined after the war. The role of women increased and led to demand for more equality of status. It made the feminist movement stronger. Women started working alongside men in every field. Women and youngsters became more independent and free with long-term effects. The war led to the snapping of economic links between some of the world’s largest economic powers which were now fighting for each other to pay for them.

So, Britain borrowed large sums of money from US banks as well as the US public. Thus, the war transformed the US from being an international debtor to an international creditor.


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