India and the Contemporary World-II

Book: India and the Contemporary World-II

Chapter: 4. The Making of a Global World

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 6 of Discuss

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Imagine that you are an indentured Indian laborer in the Caribbean. Drawing from the details in this chapter, write a letter to your family describing your life and feelings.

Dear family,

Working in Trinidad (Caribbean) as an indentured labourer is not easy task. Through this letter, I want to tell you about my hardship, misbehaviour of the contractor towards me and how much I miss you all.

The contractor at the time of hiring me did not provide the correct information regarding place of work, mode of travel and living and working conditions.

Very few legal rights are provided to us. The contractor uses harsh and abusive language at the worksite. He treats us like animals and we are an uneasy minority in the cocoa plantations in Trinidad. We don’t have any rights to speak or to express our dissatisfaction with the working conditions.

Whenever I do not attend my work, I am prosecuted and sent to jail. There is a lot of work at the plantations with heavy workload and sometimes I have to finish all of it one day.

In case of unsatisfactory work, my wages are cut.

I am living a life of a slave and in great trouble.


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