Explain why, frictional force is said to be a contact force.

If life an object which is moving over a horizontal surface does not continue with constant velocity when the accelerating force is removed. Instead the object slows down and eventually stops. The deceleration is caused by a frictional force between the object and the surface on which it travels. A frictional force always acts to oppose the motion of an object over a surface and is an example of a contact force. When we try to slide one object over another, we find that there is a force which opposes the motion. This force is called friction. Whenever there is relative motion of two surfaces in contact, there is frictional resistance. When a body moves over another, it has to overcome friction. This needs energy. Hence, some energy is always wasted in overcoming friction. When two parts of a machinery rub against each other heat is produced, and the efficiency of the machine decreases. There will be a greater wear and tear in the different parts of a machine due to friction.