Democratic Politics-III

Book: Democratic Politics-III

Chapter: 7. Outcomes of Democracy

Subject: Social Science - Class 10th

Q. No. 4 of Exercises

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Identify the challenges to democracy in the following descriptions. Also suggest policy/ institutional mechanism to deepen democracy in the given situations;

(a) Following a High Court directive, a temple in Orissa that had separate entry doors for dalits and non-dalits allowed entry for all from the same door.

(b) A large number of farmers are committing suicide in different states of India.

(c) Following allegation of Killing of three civilians in Gandwara in a fake encounter by Jammu and Kashmir police, an enquiry has been ordered.

(a) The challenge to democracy in the first statement is to provide equal status to all citizens.

(b) The challenge to democracy in the second statement is to provide farmers with subsidies which will help them earn profits due to which they will be able to fulfill their needs.

(c) The challenge to democracy in the third statement is to preserve the people’s trust in government armed forces like the police.


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