State whether the following statements are true or false:

i. A cylindrical magnet has only one pole.

ii. Artificial magnets were discovered in Greece.

iii. Similar poles of a magnet repel each other.

iv. Maximum iron filing stick in the middle of a bar magnet when it is brought near them.

v. Bar magnets always point towards North-South direction.

vi. A compass can be used to find East-West direction at any place.

vii. Rubber is a magnetic material.

i. False, Each magnet has two poles i.e., north and south.

ii. True, It is said that first magnet was discovered by shepherd named magnes, who lived in Greece.

iii True, Each magnet has two poles. Similar poles of a magnet repel each other.

iv. False, maximum iron filling get stick up at the two ends of the magnet.

v. True, Magnets always point towards North-south direction when suspended freely in the air.

vi. True, compass can used to find out direction at any place.

vii False, Rubber is not a magnetic material.