Bholi’s real name is Sulekha. We are told this right at the beginning. but only in the last but one paragraph of the story is Bholi called Sulekha agin. Why do you think she is called Sulekha at that point in the story?

Bholi’s real name Sulekha is told at the beginning of the story. The beginning unfolds Sulekha’s childhood. She fell from a cot when she was ten months old which damaged a part of her brain. It affected her growth and she was not as intelligent as other children. She could not speak till the age of five and when she eventually did, she stammered. This made everyone call her Bholi.

When she went to school, she was encouraged by her teacher to speak and study. She motivated her and ignited a different spark in her personality. She gave her a new hope which she probably never got from her family.

During her garland ceremony when Bishamber demanded money from her father to marry the pock marked girl, she threw the garland and rejected the marriage. When she spoke, she was firm and confident. Bholi’s changed personality and confidence made the author call her Sulekha again.