Should girls be aware of their rights and assert them? Should girls and boys have the same rights, duties and privileges? What are some of the ways in which society treats them differently? When we speak of ‘human rights’, do we differentiate between girls’ rights and boys’ rights?

Yes, girls should be aware of their rights. It’s not just about girls, it’s about everyone. Even boys should know their rights. Yes, girls and boys should have equal rights, duties and privileges. Both have been created by God so we don’t have any right to differentiate between them on any grounds.

However, our society does differentiate between them on many grounds. The society has delegated distinct roles to girls and boys and they are expected to behave accordingly. Girls are generally dominated by boys. Girls are expected to do household chores and boys are expected to work outside. In the present scenario, girls can be seen working in different fields but gender discrimination has still not left its roots.

Girls are generally not sent to school neither are they fed well. However, we need to realize that girls form the backbone of a family so it is very important for them to study and be aware of things.

Girls have been the victim of discrimination since long and in many households, the scenario is still the same. The society needs a change in its perspective so that each girl is treated equally.