Social Science- Our Pasts III- Part-II

Book: Social Science- Our Pasts III- Part-II

Chapter: 7. Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners

Subject: Social Science - Class 8th

Q. No. 1 of Let's Recall

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What kinds of cloth had a large market in Europe?

Cotton and silk textiles had a huge market in Europe. Indian textiles were by far the most popular, both for their fine quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

(a) Different varieties of Indian textiles were sold in the markets: for example, chintz, cossaes or khassa, bandanna and Jamdani.

(b) From the 1680’s there started a craze for printed cotton textiles in England and Europe mainly for their exquisite floral designs, fine texture and relative cheapness.

(c) European traders preferred fine cotton cloth from India carried by Arab merchants in Mosul in present-day Iraq.

(d) The Portuguese took back cotton textiles called ‘calico’ to Europe.

(e) Europeans also ordered printed cotton cloth called ‘chintz’.

(f) Rich people of England including the Queen herself wore clothes of Indian fabrics.


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