Why did James Mill and Thomas Macaulay think that European education was essential in India?

James Mill and Thomas Macaulay both British officials were great critic of Indian education system. They criticized the orientalist vision of learning. They thought that education should be useful and practical. According to them Indians should be made familiar with the advances being made by the West. They thought that the Indians were uncivilized and needed to be civilized and English education will be the best way to civilize them.

According to James Mill:

(i) He criticized the orientalist vision of learning.

(ii) The aim of education should not only be to teach the poetry and sacred literature of the Orient.

(iii) The knowledge of the East was full of errors and unscientific thoughts.

(iv) The education should provide useful and practical knowledge to the students.

According to Thomas Macaulay:

(i) He saw India as an uncivilized country that needed to be civilized.

(ii) Oriental learning was of no practical use.

(iii) He emphasized the need to teach English language.

(iv) The teaching of English thus could be a way to civilize the people of India.

(v) The English education was better because it would allow Indians to read some of the finest literature of the world.

(vi) It would also make them aware about the development in Western Science and Philosophy.