How was the economic development of India visualized in the early decades after Independence?

Removing poverty and building a modern technical and industrial base were important objectives for the new nation. The Planning Commission was set up in 1950 to plan and execute policies for economic development.

a. In 1950, the government set up a Planning Commission to help design and execute suitable policies for economic development.

b. The First Five Year Plan (1951-1956) was on agricultural development.

c. The Second First Five Year Plan was formulated in 1956. This focused strongly on the development of heavy industries such as iron and steel and on the building of large dams.

d. After independence, a number of steps were taken by the government to make the balanced growth of all regions of country.

e. The development of regions or states has not been same due to multiple kinds of variations and diversities, ethnic divisions, social customs, cultural patterns and religions.