In the British period, what new opportunities opened up for people who came from castes that were regarded as “low”?

The new opportunities opened up for the people of lower castes during the British period. Schools were set up for them and reforms were taking place for their empowerment. Education gave them a tool to change their world.

Reformers were working hard to eradicate inequality in the society like:

(i) Raja Ram Mohan Roy through his writings was criticizing the caste-system.

(ii) The Prarthana Samaj adhered to the tradition of Bhakti that believed in spiritual equality of all castes.

(iii) Many reformers of this period violated casted taboos on food and touch.

(iv) Christian missionaries began setting up schools for tribal groups and lower castes children.

(v) The poor from villages and small towns, many of them from low castes, began moving to cities where there was demand for new labour. Some went to work in plantation in Assam, Mauritius, Trinidad and Indonesia.

(vi) New locations give them new opportunities in job as well as in getting rid of the oppression they were facing at the hand of upper-class people back in their villages.

(vii) The army also offered job opportunity.