How did Jyoti Rao the reformer justify their criticism of caste inequality in society?

Jyoti Rao phule did not like caste-based system. He saw using Rama as a symbol of oppression stemming from the Aryan conquest. He developed own ideas about the injustices of caste society.

(a) Phule’s critical of the caste system began with his attack on the Vedas, the most fundamental texts of upper caste Hindus.

(b) He opposed the idea that Brahmans were superiors, just because they were Aryans. He argued that Aryans were foreigners, who came from outside the subcontinent, and defeated and subjugated the true children of the country those who had lived here before coming of the Aryans.

(c) He said that the “upper” castes had no right to their land and powers in fact; the land belonged to indigenous people, the so-called low-castes.

(d) He proposed that Shudras and Ati Shudras should unite to challenge caste discrimination.

(e) He wrote a book named Gulamgiri meaning slavery. In this book he openly thanks Christian Missionaries for making the lower caste realize that they are worthy of all human rights too.