Social Science- Our Pasts III- Part-II

Book: Social Science- Our Pasts III- Part-II

Chapter: 10. The Changing world of Visual Arts

Subject: Social Science - Class 8th

Q. No. 4 of Let's Recall

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Why did the scroll painters and potters come to Kalighat? Why did they begin to paint new themes?

The city of Calcutta was emerging as an administrative and commercial centre. It promised opportunities and bright future.

(a) Scroll painters and potter came to Kalighat on account of towns reasons:

In the early nineteenth century, in Bengal, around the pilgrimage centre of the temple of Kalighat, city was expanding as a commercial and administrative centre. Local village scroll painters and potter began developing a new style of art.

(b) The British colonial offices were coming up in new huge buildings and road were being built, markets were being established. The city appeared as a place of opportunity where people could come to make a new living.

New trend with in Kalighat artist:

Villages’ artists too came and settled in the city in the hope of new patrons and new buyers of their art. They closely observed the changes in the society around them and began to paint new themes like social life under British rule and mocked at the changes they saw around. They made fun of the westernized baboo.


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