Match the following:

i. Land breeze blows during(a) summer
ii. Sea breeze blows during(b) winter
iii. Dark coloured clothes are preferred during(c) day
iv. Light coloured clothes are preferred during.(d) night


The correct match is : i (d)

Land breeze blows during night because at night the water cools down more slowly than the land, so the cool air moves towards the sea from land and is known as land breeze.

The correct match is : ii. (c)

Sea breeze blows during day because during the day the land gets heated faster than the water. The air over the land becomes hotter and then moves up. The cooler air from sea rushes in towards the land to take its place. The warm air from the land moves to sea to complete the cycle. This is known as Sea Breeze.

The correct match is: iii. (b)

Dark colored clothes are preferred during winter because dark colored objects absorbs radiations better than light colored clothes and help in keeping the body warm during winter.

The correct match is: iv. (a)

Light colored clothes are preferred during summer because they reflect most of the radiation falling on the body and thus light colored clothes are preferred in summers.