Paheli and Boojho saw a magic trick sometime back. The magician placed an iron box on a stand. He then called Boojho and asked him to lift the box. Boojho could easily lift the box. Now the magician made a show of moving his stick around the box while muttering something. He again asked Boojho to lift the box. This time Boojho could not even move it. The magician again muttered something and not Boojho could lift the box.

The audience, including Paheli and Boojho, were very impressed with the show and felt that the magician had some supernatural powers. However, after reading this chapter Paheli wondering if the trick was indeed some magic or some science was involved? Can you guess what science might be involved?

There was no magic involved in it instead there is role of science in it because the magician might have put an electromagnet below the box which is turned ‘ON’ and ‘OF’ when the magician moves his stick.

When it is ‘ON’ , it attracts the box of iron and therefore, it was not lifted by Boojho. When it was ‘OFF’, it was easily picked up by Boojho because there was no attractive force then.