Visit an electric shop. Request a mechanic to show you the various

types of fuses and MCB and to explain how they work.

The various types of MCB are:

1. MCB


3. ACB

4. VCB


The various types of fuses and MCB are:

1. AC fuses:

AC fuses are little bit smaller than the DC fuses because in AC the voltage with 60 Hz changes its amplitude from 0 to 60 times every second.

2. DC fuses:

When the metallic wire melts, heat generated due to large current, an arc is produced. DC fuses are bigger than AC fuses to increase the distance between the electrodes. So that the arc is reduced.

3. One time use only fuses:

These types of fuses are used once only. When the high current flows, they melt and gets burnt out. These fuses are replaced manually.

4. Cartridge fuses:

These types of fuses have plastic body and two metal caps for fitting in the socket. These are used generally in automobiles.

5. Resettable fuses:

These fuses can work multiple times. They open the circuit when high current flows through it and after some time they again connect the circuit.