Angles Q and R or a PQR are 25o and 65o. Write which of the following is true:

(i) PQ2 + QR2= RP2

(ii) PQ2 + RP2= QR2

(iii) RP2 + QR2= PQ2

In the above question, it is given that:

In PQR, we have

Q = 25o and R = 65o

We know that,

The sum of interior angles of a triangle = 180o

PQR + PRQ + QPR = 180o

25o + 65o + QPR = 180o

90o + QPR = 180o

QPR = 180o – 90o

= 90o

Hence, is right angled at point P


By using Pythagoras theorem, we get:

(PR)2 + (PQ)2 = (QR)2


Option (ii) is true