Looking at the photograph given below can you explain how a doctor, teacher, engineer and a tailor are an asset to the economy?

1. Doctor

A doctor cures the patients, those suffering from any kind of disease. Patients are humans, and humans are assets. A doctor makes the ill human healthy and healthy people can contribute in growth of the economy, so in this way a doctor is an asset to the economy.

2. Teacher

A teacher educates people. Because of an educated mind they can think efficiently and enhance the quality of their life as well as others in the economy. In this way, a teacher is an asset to economy.

3. Engineer

The work of an engineer is constructing bridges, roads and different kind of buildings, which leads to a good infrastructure of an economy. In this way, an engineer is an asset to the economy.

4. Tailor

A tailor stitches clothes. A tailor helps the people to use their monetary resources in a way that is relevant to the economy.