What part does health play in the individual's working life?

Role of health in human capital formation: Health plays a significant role same as education. Health doesn’t mean that you don’t have any disease but also it means that favorable condition of physical and mental well-being.

Good health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. If a person is not healthy then s/he won’t be able to work properly whether the person is educated or not. Because the health of a person helps her/him to realize potential and the ability to fight illness.

Workers, whose health is not good, fall sick quite often and they cannot do their jobs efficiently. So, for the growth of the economy a person’s health is very important to be good which plays vital role in human capital formation.

Improvement in the health status of the population has been the priority of the country. National policy also aimed at improving the accessibility of healthcare, family welfare and nutritional service with special focus on underprivileged segment of population.