Why are women employed in low paid work?

Following reasons are responsible for the low paid employment of women:

1. If you want to get paid high then higher education is required but socially males are prioritized in education on regular basis on the other side females are educated on irregular basis sometimes not that too. This is the reason that women are back in field of high pay.

2. The other reason is that even in today’s date there are few places where men are put at top priority in everything because of being a male dominated world. Women are kept inside the house due to which training and skill can’t be gained by them which is the requirement for responsible and well-paid employment opportunities.

3. There are few works which need more physical strength but women are considered physically weak and thus are paid less even for the same number of hours worked.

4. Women are often burdened with the added responsibility of the household chores which makes them an uncertain resource. Due to this the employers tend to pay them lesser than the males.