NCERT - Economics

Book: NCERT - Economics

Chapter: 2. People as Resource

Subject: Social Science - Class 9th

Q. No. 9 of Exercise

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How will you explain the term unemployment?

Unemployment: Unemployment is that situation when a person wants to work at given wages but due to different causes they are unable to get work. The working population includes people from 15 to 59 years. Boys and girls below the age of 15 years and men and women above the age of 59 are not categorised under working population.

The term employment is further explained with the help of two examples:

1. Willing to work at prevalent wage-rate: Under this, a person will be called unemployed only when he is willing to work at the given wage but cannot find jobs. The person having no will to work and does not get the job will not be termed as unemployed.

For example, Sakal’s mother Sheela looks after her domestic works and helps her husband in his agriculture. She has no will to work outside her house for any kind of payment, so in this case she won’t be called unemployed.

2. Age under 15 years to 59 years: Roma and Siya are 10 years and 14 years old and their grandfather is 62 years old, so they won’t be categorised under the age group of 15-59. In this way they won’t be called unemployed.


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